Tips for A Pleasurable Night with a Professional Escort

When you finally decide to meet a professional escort, you are filled with a bundle of joy and at the same time, you are nervous because you are not sure about how the experience would turn out to be. Some people have booked appointments with escorts and have been disappointed. However, the fact that your friend was disappointed does not automatically mean that you will be disappointed as well. If you are reluctant to seek professional escort services, be bold enough and make that move as here we give you tips for a pleasurable night with a professional escort.

Try to read cues

When looking forward to spending your night with a professional escort, you must understand that they are human beings with feelings too. Therefore, if you want to have a pleasurable night, try to read their mind. For instance, not every escort wants to be talked dirty to while some might love it. Once you read their cues, you will be in a better position to get along well and they will try their best to make your night the best because they realized you understand them.

Be nice and treat her like a lady

If you are a man looking for a female escort, you can have a good time or the worst according to how you treat her. If you want to have a pleasurable night, be nice to her and treat her with utmost respect like your princess; in fact, she will be your lady for the night so do exactly what you could do for your woman. Take her out for dinner, tell her how pretty she looks, comment on her outfit, and carry her in your arms to the bed, and wait as she returns the favor with pleasures beyond your dreams.

Take your time and romance

If you ever thought that escorts are not into romance, you are very wrong. They are human beings too and they want to feel special. In addition, they need to be aroused so why not start your sex experience with romance? You are supposed to take as much time as possible on foreplay. If the escort is a lady, touch all her sensitive parts such as the ears, back of the neck, nipples, belly, and if possible, lick her clit. That way, she will be prepared and will treat you special to ensure the night is pleasurable.

Be clean

Cleanliness is second from godliness. Therefore, once you get into the room, go to the shower and take a warm bath. You can invite the escort to have a shower with you and after that be prepared for a pleasurable night.

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