In the middle of the British winter, I often feel that I need to take a holiday.

It gets so cold and the rain here in London makes me feel miserable as well. I know that London can be a few degrees warmer than other places around the UK but this is mainly down to population density. Mind you, that is another perfect excuse to get away from London. Having two weeks off from London escorts just gives me a nice break

One of my favorite winter destinations and holidays is the Caribbean. A few of the pretty girls here at London escorts like to go there. The nice thing is that many of the resorts are all inclusive so you don’t have to worry about a thing when you get there. When I was going out with my boyfriend, we used to go to Sandals all of the time. It was a great way of escaping the British winter, getting a bit romantic and warming up your bones at the same time.

Another great place to travel to is Thailand. That is normally really warm over the Christmas period as well. I used to work with a Thai girl here at London escorts, and she always went back to Thailand during Christmas. She used to come back and tell us how nice it was, and since then more of us have started to go. It is not the sort of place you want to travel on your own. Most of the time I travel with one of the other girls here at the agency and we just chill out on the beach.

You can go further afield as well. Once I had three weeks away from London escorts and travelled in Australia with a group of girls. It was okay but I am not sure that I would like to go back. The beaches were fine but if you like swimming in the sea, it may not be the place for you. The sea can be rather rough and there are some nasty critters as well. I would not fancy getting my boobs bitten off by some horny Great White shark so I don’t think that I will go back there.

More than anything I think it is the darkness of the winter that gets to you. It can get dark so early in the winter. Sometimes I feel that I can go into London escorts in the dark, and then I go home from London escorts in the dark. It is not nice at all and I rather have a break to catch some vitamin D. A tan also looks nice and my gents compliment on my tan. Spoiling yourself is good for you and that is what I do on my winter holiday. Having regular massages and eating really well is just so good for you. Like I say to my friends, I always come back from my winter escapades really nice and relaxed, and ready to go again.